Understanding the Connection between Obesity and Impotence

In our modern world, it appears that there us an ongoing conflict between the importance of convincing people concerning the dangers of obesity and the significance of informing everyone that they are attractive and worthwhile regardless of anything. While it's true to say that a person's worth is not supported by their physical appearance and body size and type is not an indication of humanity. The plain truth is that being overweight is not healthy at all.

Among the negative impacts of obesity, the most distressing issue for men is impotence. Though not all men have some padding in bed, a great number of people with obesity do experience some difficulties with erection. Understanding the connection as well as responding to the body's needs with enough attention and self care to penis health can go a very long way towards overcoming this issue.

Obesity and Impotence

Below Are Some Of The Negative Impacts Of Obesity On Erectile Function.

Reduced Cardiovascular Function

Extra body weight results to a strain on the heart and increased levels of fat in the body can as well lead to problems such as clogged arteries. These problems can lead to heart disease which means that less blood is available at a time when it's called to fill up the erectile chambers. This will eventually result in loss of function, hence long term deprivation of sufficient supply of blood can result to tissue atrophy. This means that the penis will shrink and become smaller.

Poor Circulation of Blood

Excess weight on the body tends to squeeze the blood vessels particularly those which leads to lower extremities. This as well reduces the flow of blood needed to get things moving in the erectile area, hence low circulation can as well lead sensation loss and nerve damage.

Nerve Damage

Men with excess weight have high risk of developing diabetes type 2, which has been known to cause widespread damage on nerve tissue. The loss of nerve cells will mean loss of feelings particularly in the extremities including penis, fingers and feet.

Lack of Stamina

Being overweight can lessen a man's energy reserves, and attempts to get acrobatic in bet can fall flat. Physical exercise is imperative in this case, even if they're a little, it may increase the energy levels.

Reduced Self Esteem

Psychology plays a very important role in the erectile function, a man who does not feel good or who is depressed or anxious will more likely encounter issues with impotence. Exercising, losing weight as well as boosting one's self esteem can be extremely active.

Healthy Penis

Men who have decided to enhance their physical fitness are better to improved erectile function as well as a more satisfying sex-life. The next process if to make sure that the penis is ready for any future encounters. A healthy penis is even able to in responding to stimulation as well as providing satisfaction. Balanced diet and good nutrition also keeps the circulatory tissue of penis in top working condition. Drinking plenty of water can as well help in providing vitamins, antioxidants and minerals necessary for responsive penis.