Prepare To Fight The Enemy Within

Along with the advancement in material sciences as well as medical sciences, the awareness about health is also progressing. People today are aware of the need to be well informed and to live a healthy life. Concepts like screening, regular medical checkups; preventive vaccination, genetic screening etc are not new to common man. Healthy lifestyle concept seems to be catching up with all urban populace.

Along with the advancement in treatment options, few of the diseases too seem to be increasing its presence amongst us. HIV/AIDS, Cancer and Diabetes are considered to be the modern day epidemics that have assumed global proportions.

Cancer is one disease that has no gender bias. Both men as well as women have equal chances of falling prey to cancer. However studies show that the western population is seemingly prone to cancer as compared to the Eastern and Middle eastern countries while Diabetes seems to be more prevalent in the Asian countries than in the west. Figures indicate that breast cancer and ovarian cancers are associated with women while testicular and prostate cancer as well as lung cancer is associated with men.

Cancer in Man

Awareness and information about breast cancer is wide spread all over the world. However there is very little information that is publicized regarding testicular cancer. In fact testicular cancer is assuming increasing importance as the number of young men with testicular cancer is increasing. Records reveal that young adults in the age of fifteen to forty are susceptible to testicular cancer and the incidence in older men is far lesser.

As the society is getting to accept new sexual orientation and the number of gay and bi sexual etc are increasing, the incidences of testicular cancer too seem to be increasing. HIV /AIDS is considered to be one of the causes of testicular cancer in men. The other causes can be the family history or genetic disposition and deformities in testicles which can be a part of the birth defect etc.

In most cases the testicular cancer may not get noticed easily. The symptoms like back pain or thickening of testicles or pain in the lower abdomen which are linked to testicular cancer may not get noticed or common man may not realize the implications. As testicular cancer and its treatments can have a bearing on the man’s sexual drive as well as his ability to father children, timely diagnosis and medical treatment helps save the situation.

Young men need to be more sensitive and aware of their body as well as personal hygiene. One may read up about how to conduct a self diagnosis or self test on one self to identify any changes in the testes in terms of its structure, formation or appearance etc and recognize symptoms in the early stages. Those who have different sexual orientation will do better with annual health checkup to diagnose any un-natural growth and nip the problem in the bud itself.

Cancer is curable. Thanks to modern day medicines and targeted therapies, the number of men and women living a successful life after defeating cancer is increasing. There is no need for panic, but there is certainly a need to educate oneself and be better prepared to fight the enemy within.