How to Treat Erectile Dysfunction Using Herbs and Foods

Many times erectile dysfunction results from having a bad nutrition and diet apart from the various psychological causes. It is clear that if certain types of food are good for the health, certain might also be bad. Hence, various foods and herbs are mentioned below that help in boosting the sexual functioning of an individual in a better way. A diet that constitutes of any of these may be very helpful in treating erectile dysfunction.


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Almonds: They are filled with nutrition. They contain high amounts of monounsaturated fats that aid the circulatory system and also reduce the bad cholesterol levels. It also contains Vitamin E, a major antioxidant that provides a fair amount of magnesium to the body which is crucial for the improvement of the overall blood blow in the body.

Apples: They have high amounts of a specific antioxidant known as Quercitin which claims to trigger the production of dopamine inside the brain of the individual. They even help in aiding artery-clogging cholesterol.

Avocados: They are high in oleic acid, a type of monounsaturated fat which helps in lowering the cholesterol levels of the body. They are also considered to have an aphrodisiac effect. Many research studies have shown that consuming avocados can reduce the LDL (bad cholesterol levels) significantly and increase the HDL (good cholesterol levels).

Bananas: They have high content of amino acid tyrosine that help in the process of stimulating and regulating dopamine levels. They even provide potassium to the body which is a type of mineral necessary for maintaining a normal heart function and blood pressure.

Celery: It consists of a compound known as phthalides which help in relaxing the muscles near the arteries for improving the blood circulation and flow to the penile area.

Cnidium: It is a very common herb found in China famous as a sexual tonic. It is also recognised worldwide for providing many health benefits. The seeds of this herb increase the production of nitric oxide which is known for boosting libido. It lets the blood vessels relax which provide space for sufficient amount of blood to flow to the penis.

Dates: They contain high amounts of potassium which is helpful for maintain a normal function of the nervous system and the heart.

Garlic: It is very useful in case of erectile dysfunction. It contains Allicin, a compound necessary for dilating the blood vessels.

Horny Goat Weed: It is a Chinese herb for treating erectile dysfunction. It is extensively used in the Traditional Chinese Medicine for restoring libido, combating fatigue and boosting erectile function.

Gingko Biloba: One of the oldest living species of trees which aid disorders related to the circulatory functioning. It eases the blood supply to the various important organs by dilating the blood vessels. It is also useful in increasing the libido.