How to Get Rid of Impotence

When it comes to ED or Erectile dysfunction this is the condition where the man fails to hold his erection during the sexual intercourse. The situation is known as impotence. It’s not like with growing age every man is facing this problem or sure to develop this health problem. Nevertheless, in certain situations this health condition turns out overburdening in life, when the partner is repeatedly dissatisfied.

Natural Home Remedies

Reasons Of Impotence

There are people who get an erection during masturbation but when it comes to real life situation things fall apart. There are many reasons physical as well as psychological, for psychological reason nervousness, angst, depression, relationship problem one needs a therapist to cure them and for physical reasons like hormone issues, narrowing down the blood vessels and slackening of muscles, one needs a doctor. Even an uncanny injury can cause ED as well. The bottom line is if the condition lasts for 2-3 weeks it’s better to go for the home remedies. There are few home remedies which can be tried out to get rid of impotence.

What are the Natural Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Erectile Dysfunction

There are some time-tested remedies which can be tried out to get rid of ED without undergoing any side effect.

Boiling Drumstick Flowers In Milk

Now this is one of the best and easiest ways to get rid of ED and to prepare the mixture you don’t have to get out to find out rare ingredients. This mixture requires drumstick flowers to be mixed with milk, it is said that drumstick is having some aphrodisiac properties and certainly one best home remedy to cure impotence. You need to boil milk adding drumstick flowers. When the blending cools down you can consume the lukewarm milk; you have to continue this remedy for at least two months, for good results.

Carrots and Honey

One more effective home remedies to treat ED and boosting sexual desire is to consume the mixture of honey and carrots. Here honey is needed to be mixed with evenly chopped carrots in a bowl. Once a day this mixture can be consumed, you can have the mixture for 30 to 45 days and surely, you will be having improvement in your sexual desire.

Ginger And Honey

A well known ingredient to treat ED, even the health problems can also be cured with this mixture. Making this potion is actually easier here the ginger pieces are needed to crush and paste should be made. From the paste juice should be extracted and 2 teaspoons of honey should be blended as well. You have to consume the mixture thrice a day. Gradually the problem of ED goes away.

Nuts with Dried Dates

Dried dates offer potential strength and it helps in increasing the sexual desire in humans. Here you have to have few dried dates, almonds and pistachio nuts in equal proportion. The nut mixture can be mixed with milk and the potion can be consumed on a regular basis.

Black Raisins

Those who are not aware of Black Raisins are actually effective in curing the sexual impotence, you have to boil the raisins into the milk and after boiling the milk, you can drink the broth three times a day for fruitful outcome.