This medicine is very useful for the treatment of lung cancer and it is also a good remedy of pancreatic cancer.
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Tarceva is generically known as erlotinib. It is a medicine prescribed for cancer. This drug interrupts the cancer cell growth and stops their spreading on to other body parts.


Tarceva is used for the treatment of non-small cell pancreatic cancer or lung cancer which is metastatic i.e. spread to other body parts. Usually, tarceva is prescribed after some other cancer drugs have used but didn’t work out.

How to Use

Consume Tarceva precisely as advised by your doctor. All the directions on the medical label must be followed. The dosage can be altered by the doctor occasionally to ensure that you get the best benefits. Don’t alter the dosage of the drug on your own or consume the medicine for a longer time than prescribed.

Tarceva must be administered at least an hour before meal i.e. on an empty stomach or 2 hours after a meal.

Side Effects

Stop the consumption of tarceva and immediately call the specialist if you observe any of the following:

  • Sudden chest pain
  • Severe ongoing nausea,
  • Chills,
  • Sudden discomfort,
  • Wheezing,
  • Shortness of breath
  • Dry cough,
  • Severe stomach pain,
  • Fever,
  • Coughing up blood;
  • Diarrhea;
  • Vomiting, or
  • Eye pain or
  • Vision problems;
  • Eye irritation,
  • Heart attack symptoms – pain in chest, pain extending to jaw/shoulder, sweating;
  • Liver or kidney problems – no or little urination; swelling, instant weight gain confusion, vomiting, nausea, jaundice or dark urine, or
  • Symptoms of a stroke - numbness or sudden weakness, instant severe headache, difficulty in balance or vision, slurred speech,
  • Immense skin reaction – swollen tongue/face, fever, sensation of burning in eyes, sore throat, skin pain, purple or red skin rash spreading to upper body/face and leads to peeling and blistering.
Tarceva (erlotinib) 150mg film-coated tablets

Some of the common after effects of tarceva include:

  • Vomiting,
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea,
  • Dry eyes;
  • Loss of appetite;
  • Trouble breathing
  • Cough
  • Weakness
  • Rash; or
  • Tired feeling.


Don’t consume Tarceva if you are hypersensitive to erlotinib. Avoid sun exposure or exposure to tanning beds. Use protective clothes or sunscreen. Tarceva can be responsible for dryness, skin rash, or other irritation.

Tell your specialist if you have any of these to ensure that Tarceva is safe for use:

  • Lung issues or problems while breathing (apart from lung cancer);
  • Liver disease;
  • Kidney disease;
  • Eye problems;
  • Dehydration
  • A history of stomach bleeding;
  • If you are a smoker,
  • If you consume warfarin also (such as Coumadin or Jantoven).

Pregnancy and Tarceva

Try not to take Tarceva on the off chance that you are pregnant. It could hurt the unborn infant. Utilize successful anti-conception drugs while you are consuming this drug and for no less than 1 month after the last dosage.

It is uncertain if erlotinib goes into maternal milk or on the off chance that it could hurt a nursing infant. You ought not to breast feed during the intake of Tarceva.

It’s actually stops the growth of the cancer cells which creates such problem and bind the protein in tumor problem. This drug is known as the generic name Erlotinib and belongs to the class of drug kinase inhibitors. It is most preferable to use medicine according to the directions of the doctor with the empty stomach. In this regard it is better to use 1 hour before or 2 hour after the meal usually once in a day. It can interact with the other medicine that is why patient should not use it with antacid because it can reduce the absorption of medicine. Some acid lowering medicines for indigestion, heartburn, or ulcers creates hindrance in working of Tarceva. Ask from doctor for use it safely. Medicine should use on the same day of each day but dosage quantity should be asked from doctor because doctor may change it according to the patient age, response and condition of the patient. Do not think that varied quantity of drug can give you a better result.

Medicine can absorb into the patient skin that is why pregnant women should not use this medicine in the pregnancy period. There is a chance that medicine will approach to the unborn child and birth defects can produce. This medicine has been tried on different other cancer patient but not successful results came out. It is not better for smokers, dehydrated persons, and persons having liver and kidney disease. In this scenarios discuss with your doctor and go for a blood test on a regular basis while using this drug. Patient should not expose himself or herself while using this medicine otherwise a serious skin rash, dryness, or other irritation can produce. If there is require to go outside then use a protective gear against the sun light. Immediately stop the use of drug and call to the doctor if you feel any chest pain, dry cough with fever, wheezing, feeling short of breath, chest pain spreading to the arm or shoulder, sudden numbness or weakness, eye pain or irritation, rapid weight gain, urinating less than usual, vomiting, coughing up blood, black or bloody stools, pale skin, easy bruising or bleeding, mouth sores, or a severe skin rash. It is not confirmed whether it can pass into breast milk or not. Anyhow patient must consult to the doctor if she has any nursing baby but it is dangerous to use in pregnancy due to its absorption capacity.

In case of any emergency medical help, patient can call to the health care provider or poison help line. Medicine should store according to the given condition as room temperature and no heat. Keep the drug away from the approach of the children and moisture. Smoking is not a good habit in routine life but along with this medicine will reduce its effectiveness. Always start and stop the medicine with doctor advice.