Propecia pill is used for treating hair loss on the vertex and anterior mid-scalp area.
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Propecia (Finasteride) to Prevent Hair Loss in Men

Finasteride, mostly known by its brand name Propecia is an FDA approved pill based medication which is consumed to treat baldness in men. Pattern Baldness in men is becoming a common problem, with more than a quarter of men across the globe suffering from this condition, losing their hair at an early age. By the age of 50, most of the men have bald patches.

Male pattern baldness has been long research upon. It starts from the temples and then advances to the middle of the scalp making an M shape. Hair loss is not only a visually bad looking health condition, but also significantly reduces the confidence of a person.

What causes male pattern baldness?

The key cause of this problem is the disturbance in the male hormone, called the dihydrotestosterone, which is located at the top, crown and frontal area of the scalp. DHT is a cause of triggering the hair follicle to become smaller in size, both in length and diameter. Resultantly, the reduced size of the follicle causes hair follicle to become unpigmented compared to the longer pigmented hair. DHT also causes the susceptible hair follicle to become smaller in size over the period of time.

How does Propecia works?

The drug Propecia works by blocking the 5-alpha reductase enzyme which converts the testosterone hormone into DHT. It triggers a shift in the blood levels and scalp of DHT. The consumption of one tablet daily causes a decrease the DHT levels to 70%. It increases the serum testosterone to 10%, which is still a less than normal range of release by the body.

How to use Propecia for hair loss?

According to the medical professionals, Propecia should be consumed once a day. Patients are advised to consume it regularly for a year to witness hair loss preventing and re-growing results. The treatment of Finasteride takes a year to fully show its effects on the growth of hair. It first sheds the miniaturized hair which then makes way to the healthy growth of hair. It is important for the consumers of Propecia to be patient with the results. The medication should be regularly continued for a year or more, before you can witness the effective results.

Effect of Propecia on Body hair:

During the re-growth of Finasteride, the medication also inhibits the body hair growth. This is because the DHT stimulates the body hair growth in males, and the Finasteride blocks the formation of DHT. For some people it would be a great news to know that it does not in any way effect the growth of hair on the other parts of the body. It promotes hair growth, and that’s all the effects it has on the body.

FDA Approved:

It is approved by FDA as a healthy and harmless medication used for the growth of hair and prevention of hair loss. It is one of the only few medications that have healthy effects on the prevention of hair loss.

Propecia (Finasteride)

A summary of Propecia

There are many things about which you should have the knowledge. First of all you should learn about the basics of everything. Since health problems are increasing day by day so you should also learn about them from internet. Medical field has shown a remarkable progress in the field of science. You have the option to use selected medicines in the past but now you can choose any medicine. A lot of pharmaceutical companies are working in the world. This is the main reason that you are able to get different medicines from the market. Now you can buy these medicines at reasonable price. Propecia is one of the best medicines which are available at affordable price. This article is all about the use of Propecia.

We shall divide our topic into two parts. In the first part is shall tell you about the treatment of hair loss by the use of Propecia. In the next part I shall tell you about some care tips about its use. These care tips will be effective if you will consider them. Let us start our discussion with its use. The main purpose of its production is to increase the growth of hair. Hair follicle growth strictly depends upon the formation of DHT chemical. If the formation of this chemical is high then hair growth will be slow or it may be stop. If you think that you are getting this problem then do not get late in telling about this problem. Some people feel shy in telling about it. I shall strongly suggest such people to go for a medical treatment in such case. If you will get late then you may loss all of your hair.

This medicine is not only effective for hair loss treatment but you can also treat male pattern baldness and benign prostatic hyperplasia. I shall not tell you about these health problems in detail. Different dose plan has been made for the treatment of different health problems. For example if you are going to treat male pattern baldness then your doctor may recommend you the dose of strength 5 mg. You will have to follow the advice of your doctor if you want to get good results. 1 mg dose is also available in market. It is recommended for the treatment hair loss.

There is a safety care tip for women that you should avoid this medicine because it can cause many severe side effects in your body. Children should also try to avoid it. This medicine is for adults. Only those people who have an age more than 18 years can use it according to the prescription of their family doctor. Some severe side effects are the part of Propecia. Whenever you use it, there will be chances of getting any of these side effects. Consult with your doctor when you get this side effect. Do not forget to tell your doctor about those medicines which you are taking and those health problems which you have or ever had in your life.

Hair loss is one of those problems which are spreading very fast in all around the world. Millions of people get this problem. Due to the increase in number of people, who are suffering from it, scientists try to find out the solution of hair loss. They found different solutions for its treatment i.e. surgery, use of devices and use of salon products. These solutions were not a permanent source of getting hair. After the long time struggle and hard work of scientists, they find its solution by the use of medicines. Our topic of discussion is related to a medicine which is very good in the treatment of hair loss. The name of this drug is Propecia and its generic name is Finasteride. The demand of this medicine is increasing very rapidly due to some reasons. First of all, you can buy it from any medical store at reasonable price. If you are unable to buy it from the market then you have another option. You can buy it from online store which are selling their products online. You just have to enter your debit card number and after 1 day you will get your desired medicine without any home delivery charges. The main advantage of using online option is that you can save a lot of your time.

This was the discussion about the availability of Propecia. Now we shall talk about the causes of hair loss. If you will aware from these causes then you can protect yourself from this problem. There are two causes due to which you can get this problem. The first one is inherited problem. If any gender from your parents is suffering from this problem then there are chances that you may also get this problem. Another reason of this problem is the formation of DHT or Dihydrotestosterone. It is the substance present in the body and its formation restricts the hair follicles to grow. It means if you are suffering from this problem then it may be the result of DHT formation. Propecia is best drug which has the ability to nullify the effect of this chemical by its quick action.

Propecia user should be men. Women or children are not allowed to use this medicine. This medicine is quite dangerous for the pregnant women. Use of this medicine will not only affect the health of women but it may be harmful for the male baby sex organs. It is strongly recommend that such women should avoid this medicine. There are other methods for the women to get back hair. It is better to use Propecia earlier as you feel that your hair is falling very fast. An immediate treatment of any problem can save you from many other problems. There is a specific duration for its treatment. You should try to complete this medication course to get good results. This was the summary of using Propecia. If anyone of you is willing to get more information then he can use internet.

Drug Uses

Though Propecia pill is used for treating hair loss on the vertex and anterior mid–scalp area, it has not been found if it is effective for receding hairlines at the temples. Only men should use this and it is not prescribed for women and children.

How Taken

Coming in tablet form, Propecia has to be taken one daily. You have to continue with the tablet till you physician asks you to stop.

Missed Dose

If you miss a dosage and remember it the same day, then you can take it. But if forgotten to take it till the next day, it is better to consult the doctor.

More Information

Always keep Propecia out of reach of children. Do not share Propecia with others for whom it has not been prescribed.

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