The drug is used for high blood pressure and also for water retention, which is associated with kidney and liver diseases.
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Lasix (Furosemide)

Lasix is also known as water pill in the medical terms. It can be stated that this medicine is particularly used for retaining the water in the body. This in turn will help the body to stop and prevent from absorbing extra salt. In case the body gather the extra salt, it will get passed onto urine. This medicine however does not allow the extra water to be retained in the body. It helps to drain out the extra water as well.

The main component of the Lasix medicine is furosemide. It is therefore very useful for the patients suffering from heart, liver and kidney diseases. The medicine is best for reducing the different pain areas in the body. For example, the medicine is best suited for the treatment of the swelling areas like swelling in arms, shoulders, legs and abdomen. Treatment of the persons suffering from high blood pressures is done with the help of Lasix. This in turn will help the patients by lowering their blood pressures to the normal levels and thus will restrict the chances of strokes, heart attacks and other kidney problems for the patients. Since the Lasix is a diuretic medicine hence it is obvious that the person consuming the medicine is liable to more urination. This is because the extra water from the body will be drained out from the body through urination. It also helps to get rid of the extra body salt through urination. The medicine can also be sued for the treatment of higher levels of calcium in the blood.

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It is advisable for the patients not to consume frequent doses of the Lasix. The dosage for the medicine needs to be checked and controlled. The dosage of the medicine will be determined by the doctor and the medical expert as per the weight, medical condition, age and other determining factors. It is advisable for the older people to take lower dosages of the Lasix as this in turn will reduce the impacts and the severe outcomes of any possible side effects if any. The medicine should be consumed at an interval of minimum of 2 hours. The patients suffering from diabetes, enlarged prostates, lupus and gout should not consume the medicine without prior doctor consultation. There are certain limitations and restrictions that need to be taken into consideration before consuming the medicine. It should not be consumed by the lactating mothers. There are possibilities and chances for the Lasix to be passed on to the baby though the breast milk. The medicine also at times is reported to reduce the production of breast milk and this will in turn affect both the health of the mother and the child. Even the doctors warn the pregnant women to discontinue the consumption of Lasix during pregnancy though the impact of the medicine on the unborn baby is yet to be determined. High dosage of the medicine can result in loss of hearing and can even result in deafness if subjected to prolonged usage.

Drug Uses

The drug is used for high blood pressure and also for water retention, which is associated with kidney and liver diseases.

How Taken

Lasix should be taken according to the doctor’s direction. It is better to take Lasix with meal, which can avoid stomach upset. If you are already using  colestipol, cholestyramine and sucralfate, it is better to ask your physician how to take them along with lasix. When taking lasix, it is normal to urinate more. And so it is better to take the pills before evening.

Missed Dose

Do not go for a double dosage if you have missed one. Well, if you remember it in time, you can take it. If it is time for the next dosage, leave the missed one and continue with the regular dosage.

More Information

Lasix may cause blurred vision and dizziness. Do not mix Lasix with alcohol or some other medicines, which can makes things complicated. Unless you know how the drug reacts, do not drive.

Consult your physician if the symptoms worsen. Lasix should be taken only according to the doctor’s prescription.