If you are not having the same sexual feeling to your partner and having problems with your erection, then you have to buy Kamagra, which is one of the best drugs against impotency. This erectile deficiency drug is largely used as it is the most effective drug against erection problems.
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Is Kamagra Effective?

Kamagra (Sildenafil Citrate)

Kamagra is a great medicine and first of its kind. It was developed by Ajanta and was introduced to the market in the year 2008. This medicine worked like a miracle for men suffering from erectile dysfunction. It is a prescription medicine and is available both in the stores as well as online. This medicine helps the man get and sustain an erection when aroused or stimulated sexually. Sildenafil is the active ingredient of this medicine and is available in various dosages from 25 mg to 100 mg.

One needs to understand that the effect of Kamagra can differ from person to person. The Kamagra usually starts working within 30 minutes in most cases, after it is taken. Also, the medicine does not cause an erection, there has to be certain kind of sexual stimulation required in order to achieve an erection. Usually, the effects of this medicine last up to 5 hours, but it may differ from person to person. For most men, the effects start to wear off after 2 to 3 hours after it is taken. It is very important that you discuss the complete medical history with your doctor before taking this medicine. Also, talk about the current medicines that you are using. These factors can affect as to how long the medicine works in an individual. There are various factors involved which determine the effectivity of Kamagra.

Some of the factors are diet, age, usage of alcohol, health, dosage and drug interactions. It has been observed that men over the age of 65 years have this medicine in their body for a longer time compared to people of younger age. This is mostly because the body`s metabolism slows down with age, which means the effects of Kamagra last longer in older people. If the medicine is taken after a heavy meal it may delay the effects of this medicine. Taking this medicine on empty stomach is advisable. Too much of alcohol can decrease the flow of blood to the penis and can also destroy the blood vessels carrying the blood to it. It is imperative that one should stay away from alcohol while using this medicine. If you are drinking alcohol then make sure that you discuss it with your doctor as uncontrolled usages of alcoholic beverages will make it difficult to gain and maintain an erection. If you are suffering from liver or kidney problems then it may take longer for the medicine to work. Interaction with other drugs can also alter the effects of Kamagra. Discuss it with your doctor to understand the safe use of other drugs with Kamagra. To avoid any negative side effects, follow the instructions of the prescribing doctor.

Kamagra has a very high success rate and cases of side effects have been less. This makes this medicine safe and usable for a long period of time. If you are not sure about this medicine then talk to your doctor who can explain the effects and side effects of this medicine and how you can make it work.

Drug Uses

Unlike other impotency drugs, Kamagra acts very fast. More blood is released into the penis once the muscles are relaxed under the influence of Kamagra. It is not that Kamagra helps in getting the proper erection but it also helps in maintaining the erection for longer periods.

How Taken

Kamagra has to be taken about 60 minutes ahead of any sexual activity. Once the pills are taken, you can have utmost pleasure for many hours. When taking the drug, keep in mind to take only one pill a day. Moreover, there should always be a difference of 24 hours between two Kamagra doses or it can be dangerous.

More Information

Buy Kamagra only after consulting the doctor; never buy it straight from the drug store as you may not be able to know how the drug is going to affect your health. The doctor is the only person who is capable of deciding on Kamagra prescription. Once you approach the doctor for your impotency problems, you should have to talk to him about all the allergies that you have and also about all your health problems. The doctor may not prescribe Kamagra or he may go for some dose adjustments if you have any problems related to your heart, blood, liver or kidney. Well, do not hide from your doctor if you have any other problems, including stomach ulcers, painful erections and Peyronie's disease.

Kamagra is only for men and not to be used by women and children. Persons who are above 60 years of age should be very cautious while using this impotency drug.


Some medicines are known to interact with Kamagra. Therefore, your doctor should have an overall idea about all the medicines, including prescription and non-prescription drugs that you are using. Kamagra is normally not prescribed if you are under any medication containing Nitrates as mixing the two can lower your pressure, which can be complicated.

In some persons, Kamagra may lead to sudden vision loss. But it is not yet known if the sudden vision problem is due to Kamagra. Generally it has been seen that sudden vision loss has been experienced by people who have diabetes, existing eye problems and those who have high blood pressure.

While using Kamagra, never touch alcohol as it can only increase the risk of side effects.

Side Effects

All drgs comes with many side effects and Kamagra is not an exception. However, there is nothing to worry of the side effects of Kamagra as they are not that severe and do not last for long periods.

Some persons may come across prolonged erections after taking Kamagra. In case you have such a problem, contact the doctor immediately as erections that last longer are not healthy.

Things necessary for Sexual health

With the advancement in the field of science and technology, everything has improved a lot and it has become easy for people to perform a lot of work in an easy way. Many new machines and devices have been made which can give desired results in short period of time. But at the same time, introduction of machines and devices has decreased the amount of work done by people. Now, people have to perform less work as compare to past so their body does not move too much which is good for health. The best example of this is use of vehicles. In past, people used to cover distances through walk but now they use different vehicles for this purpose. The good thing is that people cover long distances in short time but their body does not involve too much in this activity so the fitness level reduces to great extent. If people start including healthy activities in daily routine, then they can also compensate the loss due to the use of machines.

Diet also plays an important role in improving the health. People who do care about their diet always find their body healthy and good for work. Contrary to this, there are many people who do not give importance to their diet but they try to eat junk food which is extremely unhealthy for the body. Even professional and experience doctors recommend their patients to decrease the frequency of eating junk food because it will only cause problems for your health.

Sexual health matters a lot for a person because without sexual health it is difficult to have sex like normal person. Besides this, the person will not be able to enjoy the sexual intercourse with his partner. A sexual problem that is more common as compare to other sexual problems in men is sexual dysfunction or erectile dysfunction. In erectile dysfunction, the affected person cannot have sex with partner because of flaccid penis. His penis does not get proper erection for long time which is important to start and end the sexual activity satisfactorily. If the penis will remain flaccid, the man cannot put it inside the vagina and the sexual activity will never start. According to doctors, this problem arises when blood flow through penile arteries becomes very low or insufficient to give penile erection. High cholesterol level and restrictions in blood vessels decrease the blood flow. If the affected person wants to gain penile erection, he will need a way through which he can increase the blood flow. A better way to increase the blood flow is by the use of medicines available in market. These medicines are available in different doses. Ask your doctor first about the right medicine and then right dose. The selection of medicine and dose depends upon the health condition of person. Only doctor can decide it after examining the body of patient. These medicines also carry side effects and these side effects may also create difficulties for health so medicines should be used according to prescription in order to avoid side effects.

Different uses of Kamagra

All of us are well-acquainted with the fact that Kamagra has become one of the most common treatments for erectile dysfunction in men. A majority of men who were suffering from the problem of erectile dysfunction took Kamagra into their daily routine and as a result their problem of ED or impotency vanished like the back of one’s hand.

But if you are considering that the use of Kamagra is only for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, you are wrong for Kamagra is used for a number of other purposes as well. In fact, this drug was firstly developed to treat the cardiovascular condition, however it couldn’t solve the purpose.

Kamagra Tablets

Following are considered as the other uses of Kamagra apart from being used to treat the problem of erectile dysfunction:

1. Burn your fat using Kamagra:

A number of studies and researches were carried out under which it was proved that this drug could easily be taken into use in order to burn excess fat from the body. Kamagra helps to burn out all the white fat which is responsible for a number of illnesses and health-issues such as diabetes, inflammation as well as obesity. Also, Kamagra has showed a few evidences of weight loss according to some studies.

2. Reduction of pulmonary hypertension:

Pulmonary hypertension has become a very common problem among all the women who are middle-aged. This problem builds up the pressure of blood vessels and carries the same to the lungs. Kamagra is used to reduce the problem of pulmonary hypertension. A number of pills are marketed under various names that have Kamagra as one of the ingredients for the treatment of pulmonary hypertension.

3. Get rid of altitude sickness:

A number of people face different kinds of sicknesses like nausea, vomiting, headache, blood clot, etc. while reaching the higher altitudes. Kamagra is effectively used for the treatment of such sickness by the way of reduction of pulmonary artery pressure. Kamagra works by the way of increasing a person’s ability to survive and exercise in all the low oxygen conditions.

4. Treat your Raynaud’s phenomenon with Kamagra:

This entire condition causes the cold to reach to the spasms of all your small arteries that do the task of supplying blood to your toes as well as fingers. This condition causes your body parts to become very pale and painful. Kamagra helps to treat this entire health condition, thereby keeping you healthy even when the temperature is too low.

5. Fighting prostate cancer:

Kamagra is also used as to the treatment of prostate cancer in men. This is done when Kamagra combines with another drug called doxorubicin in combination. Doxorubicin is a cancer drug that is considered to be highly effective in fighting cancer. All the side-effects such as heart failure, lung problems or others caused by doxorubicin are kept at bay by Kamagra.

Thus, the use of Kamagra is not just limited to the problem of erectile dysfunction in men, but the same is used to treat a number of other problems as well.

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Kamagra is my relationship savior. Without it, my wife had the strong reason to leave me as I was not good in sexual intercourse due to erection.

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