We Are What We Think We Are

We spend a lot of time in grooming ourselves and making our appearance look beautiful. There are many people who look beautiful effortlessly. The glow of their skin, their physical features especially their face and hair add to the beauty of the form. Beautiful women are always desired, noticed and admired by men and women all the time. Each and every one of us wants to look beautiful and this is the basic desire of every human being.

Be it a man or a woman, our sense of our self is strongly dependent upon our looks. A good looking and beautiful woman or a handsome man will normally have a good personality as well as self confidence and self esteem. At the basic subconscious level our psyche always identifies our self or the ego with our physical form. Therefore looking beautiful is closely connected to our self esteem.

It is sad that most of us measure ourselves from our external looks and build our self worth or sense of self esteem on our physical beauty where as the actual worth of an individual is dependant wholly on his persona and not his vice versa. His personality and beauty are a reflection of his inner self where as we base our inner self worth based on our outer looks.

People who are short are very conscious of their short coming on the physical plane. Most short men make up for their shortness by trying to over achieve in the external world and you can see them developing dominating streak or becoming power centers in order to feel tall psychologically and better their self esteem.

There are also cases where women are very beautiful but lack the self confidence from within. Such cases are not very common. Beauty in such women is a god given gift. The danger of being beautiful is that such women can develop a sense of superiority complex and become egoistic too. The stories of cindrella and other beautiful women portraits them to be externally beautiful as well as internally as being most beautiful beings too. Thus our natural beauty has a bearing on our inner self and ego too.

Most of our attitudes, behaviors and characters are formed during our initial formative years. Our impressions of our external beauty and self determine our inner self confidence and thus most of us develop complexes and low self esteem owing to our external appearance. It is only later in life that we realize that our external appearance and beauty is not all and that our qualities and attitudes make the person that we are.

Life’s experiences make us become beautiful people. You see many men and women aging gracefully and looking beautiful even in their advanced years. These are the people who have gone through life’s experiences, assimilated the meaning of life and have imbibed the right outlook thus making themselves to become beautiful persons. They are not only happy and beautiful from within, they also share this positive vibrations and energy with all others who come in contact with them.

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