Ways to Aid Erectile Dysfunction

Several millions of American men are now involved in consulting their doctors for something that was looked at with denial and embarrassment. Now erectile dysfunction is an approved topic of patient-doctor conversations and medical studies. There are several ways in the aid of erectile dysfunction.
ED is a condition where a man is unable to attain an erection or keep an erection to perform sexual intercourse. An erection is attained when a chemical signal from the brain is sent to the muscles of the penis resulting in its relaxation. Nitric oxide named chemical is secreted in the nerves which causes the relaxation of penile muscles and permits fast blood flow. This accumulation of blood packs up the penis similar to an inflated balloon and causes its erection. When phosphodiesterase type 5, another chemical presents itself, the breakdown of nitric acid occurs causing the constriction of penile muscles and loss of erection.

The most usual cause of Erectile dysfunction is the damage to the arteries, nerves, fibrous tissues and smooth muscles caused due to diseases like alcoholism, diabetes, kidney disorder, other cardiovascular diseases and neurological diseases. Nearly 70% of those men experiencing erectile dysfunction are known to suffer from any or combination of these disorders. Deficiency of Testosterone is also a hormonal disorder leading to erectile dysfunction. Identifying the cause of erectile dysfunction makes it easier to look out for ways to help erectile dysfunction.

Doctor would generally choose to opt for the less invasive methods to treat erectile dysfunction before they recommend the more invasive methods of treatment such as surgeries and implants. The first suggestion would be get some counseling and execute some changes in lifestyle. A psychosocial test will be carried out initially to find out if there are any non-medical reasons for ED. In few cases, the sexual partner may even be called for an interview. Good lifestyle practices such as normal weight, regular exercise and removal of bad habits like drinking and smoking are suggested for those seeking aid for erectile dysfunction.

Natural methods to help ED are possibly the most protected ways of treatment. There are herbal treatments containing the same component as prescribed drugs but not involving the potential risk factors. Erectile dysfunction is chiefly a problem of blood circulation, a problem that can be tackled by the intake of herbal drugs. These herbal medications are usually recommended as an element of nutrition treatment involving the intake of minerals and vitamins and doing exercise regularly. The extract of Epimedium Grandiflorum also known as the horny goat weed has been utilized for several years in reproductive beverages boosting the libido and help erectile dysfunction. Icarin which is a flavonoid, the same ingredient present in ED prescribed drugs is also found in this extract. Other methods to help ED in a natural way are intake of L-Arginine for production of nitric oxide, gingko biloba for enhanced penile blood circulation, Indian ginseng for body growth and zinc for compensation of mineral deficiency.

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