Need of medication for Blood clotting in Lungs

Patients who are suffering from clot of the blood in the lung can be removed by using the recommended medicines for the thinning of the blood which helps to ward off the clot. It is not clear that how long its use is mandatory for this purpose, said the researcher. This clot is said as pulmonary emboli, added by Richard Hayes. Pulmonary emboli are such type of the clot of the blood which produce in the vein of the lungs which start from the legs, said Hayes. Some of the cases are present of one special type called as deep vein thrombosis which is commonly known as “economy-class syndrome” because these type of cases is producing after a long fight against this. Hayes said, many of the reason are present which may cause the clot of the blood in the lung such as Obesity, long bed rest and recent surgery but still any specific reason of the Blood clotting is still not identified. But possible patients have high risk factor of this disease.

So question rises that how much time the use of the blood thinner medicines are required for this purpose?

To identify this problem Dr. Francis Couturaud took 371 people who had suffered from unprovoked blood clotting problem in the lungs. All of the patients were treated from same treatment by giving them blood thinning medicines for the duration of the six month. In this treatment a vitamin K antagonist was used which is found in the commonly known blood thinner of warfarin. After the completion of the duration, patients have to take same medicines for more than 18 months or their placebo. The more use of the blood thinning medicines helped the patients. People have less blood clotting in the lung due to the warfarin as compare to those who did not use it. Warfarins users had about 3 percent risk factor and 13.6 percent risk with the placebo users. Couturaud’s said, so it is clear that use of the warfarins in this situation reduce the risk of the clotting up to the 78 percent.

It benefits vanished as the use of the medicines (Warfarin) end up, according to the latest research. So it is important to do a treatment for a prolong time so this risk can be minimized, said by the researchers. Researcher team said, after the complete diagnosis many of the different type of the medicines like anticoagulants, vitamin K antagonists or Aspirin can be used for this purpose. But more research is required about this idea. Hayes also supported this idea that patient have to use such medicines for the long interval of time. It is important for home-going patients that they have approximately 20 percent chance of blood clotting again and not any confirmation that how much their risk factor has been vanished.

Hayes said this research support and suggests that patient should use medicines for a long time. Dr. Joseph Mathew also agreed with Hayes idea that patient should go with anticoagulant medicines and discussion is also important between physician and patient about the risk of the blood clotting.

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