Home Remedies for Urine Retention

Urine retention is a painful condition. It is inability of a person to urinate despite feeling a strong urge to urinate. Men are more susceptible to urinary retention problem as compared to females.

Urinary retention could be acute or chronic.

Acute urinary retention occurs suddenly. It requires immediate medical attention. While chronic urinary retention develops in course of time. It can cause infection as well as great amount of damage to the kidneys as well as urinary tract.

There are many home remedies that help to deal with urine retention. The best home remedies include:

1. Nettle

This magical herb helps to get rid of urine retention. It is used for the treatment of inflammation of the urinary bladder also called as cystitis. It also helps the bladder and the kidney to heal properly.

Nettle is extensively used as a diuretic. You can use this remedy in many different ways.

The best way to use nettle to treat urinary retention is to use it as a tea. Drink the tea two to three times everyday to get rid of urinary retention. You can also use nettle as medications as well as supplements. But, before taking the supplements, you must talk to your doctor.

2. Indian Licorice

Another amazing remedy for the treatment of urine retention is Indian licorice. It is an amazing natural substitute for the antibiotics that also come with a set of adverse effects.

The antibiotics that are used in the treatment of inflammation of bladder or cystitis can cause harm to the system, one can use Indian licorice for that matter.

Indian licorice can be used for the treatment of bladder retention that is caused due to infection or inflammation. The herb has natural antimicrobial properties that do not have any harmful effect.

To follow the remedy, take about 50 mg of Indian licorice roots and crush them to make a fine paste. Boil it in a cup full of water for about half an hour. Strain it and drink it thrice a week.

3. Grapes

Grapes are a great remedy for urinary retention. The potassium in urine helps in easy flow of urine from the bladder.

Take about five to six leaves of grape. Take about a hundred grams of water and mash the leaves into the water. Sieve the solution. Drink it when you feel a sudden pain in the kidney due to urinary retention.

4. Coconut Water

Coconut water is also a great and amazingly effective remedy for urinary retention. It is a diuretic and helps in the patients with urinary retention.

Drinking fresh coconut water helps in dealing with urine retention.

5. Radish

Another great remedy for urinary retention is radish. It helps in urinary retention by leaps and bounds.

Take radish and its leaves and extract the juice out of it. Drink about 50 grams of juice to relieve bladder retention. It will also help in relieving the burning sensations that are common during passing the urine.

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