Health risks for college students

You may have heard that the students of today’s age have to work hard to get a good response from the parents, relatives and especially from the teachers. Besides this, the competition between the students has increased very much and thus every student has to work to give outstanding performance in exams and other tests. Well, it is a good thing if a student work hard to achieve his goals but his health suffers a lot in getting it. This article will put the lights on those medical problems which are usually faced by many students.

Diet problem
In college life, students find very short time to spend it with their friends and other extra-curricular activities. Well, in such a busy life it becomes very difficult to take the meal on time. Besides this, many students do not have the knowledge about the foods so when they eat it they do not know either it is better for their health or not. This thing becomes the cause of eating disorder. We know that women pay more attention to keep their figure perfect. For this purpose, they also skip many meals during a day whenever they think that they are putting on weight. Doctors suggest that they should take meal regularly but they can decrease the amount of food they are taking. On the other hand, they should prefer regular exercises which are helpful in reducing the weight rather than skipping the meals.

Lack of sleep
It has already been discussed about schedule of students, so it is not easy to sleep at the right time. Many students do not even complete their sleep of 8 hours which is considered very essential for the body to keep working normally. Without taking sufficient sleep, a student can never feel fresh next day and thus cannot perform the given task efficiently. The main thing due to which students remain unable to complete their sleep is their friends. Most of the friends when gather at a room; they try to spend most of their time with each other. Even at the night, they go back in midnight and thus no one completes his 7-8 hours necessary sleep. This lack in sleep then causes many problems for the students. During studies, he faces a lot of problems regarding putting his concentration at a certain point. His performance also reduces in class. So if you are not sleeping well, then you should think about yourself.

Joining the parties very often
Well, it is an admitted fact that students passing the college life usually go to the parties very often. The number of students who like to go in parties is increasing with the passage of time. At party, they do not think what they are drinking or eating. They take it what they want and thus become the victim of serious health problems. Besides this, many students make bad things their habits which eventually lead them towards the health destruction.

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