For Kidney Stones, Drugs provides ease passage

It is a very harmful situation for any person when kidney stone is produces. The main objective is to remove that stone by providing an easy way of passage. According to the new study it is revealed that new medicines such as Flomax is helpful for providing an ease way for a big kidney stone but not for the smaller one because smaller stones are not a serious issue and it pass through the kidney after a short time. But a big size of the stone may produce a pain which may lead to the surgical operation, said Dr. Warren Bromberg. Jeremy Furyk and his team in Australia did a research on different people who visit to the hospital for this issue. They noted for 28 days of all the patients who had different size of the kidney stones. Among all of those 87 percent patients were treated by the tamsulosin and 82 percent people took placebo for this purpose. There was not a huge difference in result with the different kind of the medicines, researcher found. Those patients who have large kidney stones from 5 to 10 millimeters, 83 percent of the patients took tamsulosin and 61 patient received placebo or dummy medication.

Furyk said, millions of the Americans become a serious victim of the kidney stone in every year and they admitted in the hospital for the surgical operations. He added that news about ht small kidney stone is not a hot topic but these medicines are very helpful for those patients whose kidney stone is too big. He concluded that for small kidney stone, passage of the time is best treatment but tamsulosin is necessary for the big kidney stone treatment. Bromberg said, these medicines reduce the pain in the kidney stone condition and also provide upped passage way for the stone. Other type of the drugs for this purpose plays the same role as the tamsulosin.

Dr. David Hoenig said, big stones in the kidney cause the great pain in the kidney or bladder and lead to the patient for ER but on the other hand small stones don’t cause any serious pain and patient doesn’t feel any fever. So, it is important that untreated kidney stone may cause the damage and blockage in the kidney passage.

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