Fitness Criteria

Eating breakfast on time is very much necessary to ensure health. And it’s among the principles of health that one should take healthy breakfast among all the meals. Life has greater influence depending upon how you treat other people, how you speak with others and how you eat. Whatever you eat becomes part of your diet and it is an important issue that it should not contain components that are causing health problems and serious health issues. The health of the brain is also considered important as a wise man is considered healthy person. The person is not poor or rich with money, but actually he is poor or rich by heart. So health should be maintained in a good way.

A businessman invests million and billions of money in his business and in return got trillions. But unfortunately if he got sick and health problems, the all this money can’t buy his health in return. So actually when wealth is lost, it is not a big loss. But loss of health is biggest among all as a person is derived from greater blessing and no gold or silver can help him in this regard. A healthy person can enjoy life to fullest and he can be a cheerful person among all.

Taking proper rest and sleep is important also as it relieves mind and soul and provide comfort. Without healthy human being starts suffering and can even lead towards death. More communication and activities lead towards healthy mind and cheerfulness. Health is the greatest blessing and it is hoped for person to life and enjoys his life. The medications and treatments and visits to the doctor made the mind of the person ill. He starts thinking that he is lacking in health and is not healthy person and thus got a depression.

Swimming is the best exercise that can regulate blood and ensures health. It ensures the health of muscles and joints. This exercise prevents the body to collapse and joints to discard. Fish is another healthy food item that contains fatty acids and prevents and reduces the level of cholesterol. Moreover uses of herbs can ensure the health of bones and intake of calcium can make bones stronger.
The eating of carrots can improve eyesight and vision as carrots contain vitamin A that is necessary for healthy eyesight. Positive and optimistic thinking is an important element that ensures health. Most of people got to die due to depression and mental sickness. Worries and stress cause brain to fail and retard.

There are four scientific steps that should be kept in mind to maintain health. First of all, make standards for your health, set diet plans and start acting upon them. So first set your aims about health, that’s where your heart is lacking and how it should improve. Then measure and determine where you need to bring changes and select those changes to improve your health. These changes need to be tested in order to ensure health and fitness. The changes can be tested by either comparing them with standards or by taking expert advice.

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