Death rate due to cancer is falling

A latest study of the new government suggested that regardless from age and sex the rate of the death due to the cancer is falling down in United States. According to the United States CDCP (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) the rate of death due to the cancer was increasing as the population was increasing. Mary White said that we are striving to decrease the death rate and there is more work s required to decrease more death in this increasing population. A new study found that it is expected that 10 percent death rate will be increased between 2007 to 2020 among black women and men. CDC said this rate is much more stabilizing in white women case and the rate in increased less than 5 percent.

White addressed that we can decreased more amount of the death rate by overcoming on the risk factors of the cancer caused by different reasons. It consist on the UV radiation and subjection of Tobacco is expanding the screening of the cancer of quick detection and helpful for early treatment. She added that death rate of cancer is decreasing is not a contradictory sentence from the number of death is increasing due to the cancer. She explained that actual amount of the death is estimated by dividing the number of death over the number of the population in the country. White said that many of the adult are growing to older and increase in their death is also included in this part so, due to this reason sometime death rate looks high even when it is decreased. Dr. David Katz also supports this idea that death rate due to cancer and decline in cancer is not the same thing. He added that cancer death rate is decreasing due to the quick and early detection and treatment but cancer rate is not remarkably going down.

Dr. Rich Wender said, we have made too much progress to cure the cancer up to the mark in adults. The main subject of the study is to find out the prevention practices from the cancer and early stage of detection. One of the study represents the data between 1975 to 2009 years which shows the 56 percent increase of cancer in white women and 45.5 percent in white men where as 98 percent has been increased in black women and 53 percent in black men. This represents the increment in the black people population and aging of white people and it continued. In the end, many of the experts said, we can decrease more amount of the cancer by preventing the use of tobacco, by having a healthy life routine and by controlling in obesity because obesity is the second name of disease which may cause many of the problems.

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