Careers Associated With Health and Fitness

Health and fitness industry offers a wide range of career opportunities. Nowadays the role of different people is more clearly defines than they were before. This is because the industry has seen tremendous growth as more and more people realize the importance that health and fitness plays in their lives. Twenty years earlier the field was not even thought to have a lot of promise in terms of career opportunities. One is advised to pick a career that one enjoys and suits their personality. These are some of the jobs offered in the industry and their roles.

An athletic trainer is a person who ensures that an athlete physical conditioning is at its best in a safe manner. The trainer works closely with the coach, team doctor, in order to prevent the occurrence of injuries. One is also expected to examine and evaluate the impact of injuries and the rehabilitation of those affected. Health and fitness athletic trainer is a professional recognized by the American Medical association. An undergraduate degree is mandatory and masters preferred. One is able to earn around $25000 a year at entry level and as one progresses in experienced such as those serving in professional teams can attract around $150000 a year.

Another profession in the health and fitness industry is the Sports and Fitness Nutritionists. This is an individual who has a close relationship with an athlete and is supposed to know their like and dislike. They have deep knowledge of the physical and mental benefit of correct nutrition. One can enter this career through an educational background in nutrition or any other health related specialty.

A personal trainer is a person who handles clients by guiding them during their exercises and work outs as well as offering advice on their food intake. A personal trainer also motivates their clients in helping them reach their goal for health and fitness. A person in this field will normally have clients who may want personal attention or a specific group. Sessions are normally one hour each and pay of $100 to $150 per session is expected. It offers a great avenue for self-employment.

Exercise physiologists are professionals in the field who handle the scientific aspect of the field. They study biomechanics in different aspects of sports and exercise from videos and the use of computer software in order to determine the most effective exercises. In this job a master’s degree is a necessity and one can work in research laboratories, fitness centers and large companies in the industry.

A sports physician is the core of the athlete’s health and is responsible for the health and fitness of the team through routine examinations and handling injuries. They determine if a player is fit enough to return to play. The physician offers advice to the coach. He/she should be a specialist in bones, muscles, and joints. The salary of a sports physician is very high as expected with one in a professional team earning around $150000. As shown above the health and fitness offers various career opportunities distinct in their own right.

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