Beautiful Hearts And Beautiful Souls

Every mother wants her daughter to grow up to be a beautiful girl. We feel proud when our daughters are appreciated and liked by the others and known to be the most beautiful girls. Quite early in childhood the girl child begins to want to look and dress beautiful. One of the most beautiful things that you get to see is the small girl wearing mom’s lipstick and makeup and playing with her little doll. The girl naturally learns to observe and follow her mother and wishes to be as beautiful as her mother is. Quite early in her growing years, the girl begins to make her choices of the color of her dress and her foot ware, ribbons etc. Girls normally love pink, light blue and other pastel shades. Every happy girl child takes interest in looking and dressing beautiful and parents are naturally proud to see and indulge in their daughters.

What we have described above is a natural and common phenomenon, but there is more to raising your daughters to become beautiful beings than just indulging in their dresses and other beauty aids. Children are naturally beautiful. This is not only to do with their physical beauty but largely due to their innocence and pure heart. What attracts children to us is their innate purity and innocence. As they begin to grow up, they learn to imbibe the impressions from their environment and begin to use emotions. The beauty of any person is not in the physical form but in their personality. It is the total persona that reflects the beauty in the person. Therefore it becomes important for parents to instill the right thoughts and teach the right values to the children so that they grow up to be happy and beautiful persons when they grow up.

Children are very closely associated with their mothers and can feel every single thought and feeling of the mother. It is therefore easy for the mother to cultivate the right thought process in the child. Look at the children who are loving, kind and sharing. You will see that such children are happy, peaceful and are beautiful when compared to the children who appear cranky, selfish, angry and greedy. All of these emotions and characters can easily be detected in the child and makes them look beautiful or unattractive to others. Beautiful children naturally attract other people who want to be in their company and want to share that happiness while the children who do not have those good emotions tend to drive other children away from them and find it difficult to make real friends.

It is important for parents to give a thought to the real beauty secrets that they need to inculcate and put into their children. It is not enough to provide good food, dress and other material things. More than the physical comforts the right atmosphere, love, sharing, closeness of the family, the right discipline, value systems and the right example that goes into making of beautiful children. These are not the things that the children learn in school but these are the raw materials that the parents provide in the formative years.

Children are like the buds and need to be looked after and raised well by the gardener so that they can bloom as beautiful flowers.

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