Avoiding Promiscuity for a Healthy Life

The emergence of reproductive health science has come with numerous theories and concepts about reproductive health with some getting misinterpreted. Most people have interpreted the listed medical advantages of sex especially for men and used as a key to promiscuity in society leading to other adverse effects in the long run. Published studies and papers record numerous advantages of sex that range from the burning off extra calories to reduced incidences of prostate cancer. The advantages come in equal measures as the risk for sexually transmitted diseases whose risk increases with the number of sexual partners.

A lifestyle that is healthy does not only consist of a standard basal metabolic index and healthy diet. Ability to keep infections abreast and control the reinfection of infections is all part of a healthy lifestyle. One goal of medical practice is usually prevention of disease before they talk about management and treatment. The control can take different forms that range from vaccines to physical control measures that incorporate a healthy living and wise decisions. Some of these decisions include choosing the right sex partners and avoiding sex triangles with some predisposing you to lethal infections whose treatment and control can be too expensive.

Studies document that regularly contributes to couples self-esteem just as it is documented for the regular field exercise. This indicates that the two activities in one way or another stimulate the production of similar or related hormones that are responsible for human self-esteem. Regular sexual intercourse as well reduces the risk of prostate cancer in men by the regular production of semen during the coital activity. Other benefits include cosmetic values like a good skin texture, and of course procreation one of the goals for most people. However, the studies do not document any value of multiple partners to one’s health and fitness.

One of the effects of multiple partners is usually contracting of double strains of a disease making it hard to get treatment or getting resistant to the conventional treatment patterns. This can be explained by example a person getting infected with HIV from person B, who has sub-type e of HIV. The same person A gets infected with person C, who has sub-type j of HIV. This person will have the genomes of the two viruses conjugate and get a new genome that results in a completely new strain of a virus. With the conventional antivirals targeting the known strains, the person A may possess a new strain that possess new properties that are different from those of the known virus.

Practice a healthy sex lifestyle has numerous benefits to both partners in the relationship. The benefits can be fully accrued by sticking to one partner throughout. It does not need promiscuous behaviour to get away with these benefits. The misinterpretation and naivety of some people have led to most of them getting misused suffering later. A body with always active sickness and weak. A healthy lifestyle can make you always fit at all times in life.

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