Art Of Living Education

Education in the current times is all about technology, science and other subjects. The students who pass out of the university may be good in academics no doubt, but does the education make them good human beings and do they know what life is all about? Our life is getting to be highly mechanized and sophisticated. Small babies are growing up watching and listening to nursery rhymes on tablets and laptops. Many of the children in the cities have not seen animals like cows and pigs and their understanding of animals is that they live in the zoos.

Most parents and mothers today refer to internet, magazines or attend workshops and depend upon their doctor for bringing up their children. The developed countries are seeing increasing problem of obesity amongst children while the under developed and developing countries are suffering from severe malnutrition. At least in the developed countries there is no reason to believe that people cannot afford to eat balanced diet. The fact is that most parents are ignorant of the concept of balanced and nutritious home cooked foods. The mothers who argue that they cook meals at home will also have to admit that they put together meals using the readymade products that they buy and stock at home.

To a large extent we can say that the people in the earlier centuries lived a healthy life. For one they had to labor hard to grow things and for all domestic chores as well. Coupled with manual labor which is good for the body, they ate home grown and cooked meals that provided all of the nutrition that was required. People depended on nature and natural remedies. They knew the art of living. Some can also argue that the medical science was not so highly developed and those suffering from ill health had no reprieve which is largely true.

Today medical science has made advances by leaps and bounds. Diagnostic and Preventive medicine has revolutionized the concept of health management. The advanced technology has made it possible to detect the problems accurately and target specific treatments. Cancer and other major health diseases are no longer a threat that is untreatable.

The other side of advances in medicine and medical treatment is that people have become dependent upon medicines for everything. Look at the number of people who line up to buy Viagra and other aphrodisiac medicines. Men all over the world are consuming Viagra and other substitutes like vitamin pills. Any experienced and wise man will tell you that it is natural and normal for men to go into andropause stage where the production of the male hormone testosterone begins to reduce resulting in loss of sexual drive and stamina too. The body begins to sag and the muscles lose their suppleness. There is no way to undo or reverse this natural process. Instead of accepting gracefully that growing old is a part of natural process, men wish to use medicines to keep up their libido and in the process they can end up with more health complications resulting out of excess medication.

The amount of medicines consumed by average person is much more that what it used to be earlier. Instead of using natural and home remedies we pop pills at the drop of a hat. Education on the art of living has got to start early at school in which case we can expect the next generation to change their thinking and attitudes towards themselves and lead a healthy life.

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