Herbal Viagra

Herbal Viagra

Herbal Viagra is an effective drug prescribed for erectile dysfunction in men.

Herbal Viagra is a phosphodiesterase inhibitor, which relaxes the muscles in the penis region. Once the muscles are relaxed, more blood flows into the region, which helps in the erection.

The drug has to be taken 60 minutes ahead of sexual activity. The recommended dosage is 50 mg. But the dosage for elderly people is 25 milligram. Well, you should have to take care not to use alpha-blockers along with Herbal Viagra. But if you are a person who takes alpha brokers, the Herbal Viagra should only be taken four hours after taking the alpha medicines.

Never take more than what is prescribed. If you take more of the drug, you may come across chest pain, nausea and irregular heartbeat.

Before taking Herbal Viagra it is better to inform your physician if you have any of these conditions: heart, kidney or liver disease, coronary artery disease, high/low blood pressure, bleeding problems, blood related problems, eye diseases and physical deformity of the penis.

Herbal Viagra may decrease blood flow into the optic nerve, causing vision loss. But it is not yet clear if the vision problem was due to Herbal Viagra or because of other reasons. It has to be seen that vision problems were seen in people who were diabetic or who had heart problems or who had an existing eye problem.

If you are taking Herbal Viagra, do not consume alcohol and also do not take any other ED drugs.

Herbal Viagra

Herbal Pills - New Age Treatment For Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction has become quite famous in men for no other reason than using drugs and not maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It might be a shock to you when you penis doesn’t get hard during sexual intercourse and then the embarrassment sets in, when you cannot perform in the bedroom. It will become an earth shattering experience when your partner feels awkward when you cannot get it up. People still think old age renders men of enjoying the sex life but what they don’t know is that erectile dysfunction is very common nowadays in men of younger age groups. It has been common in younger age group because of tension and stress these days. People are so busy earning money that they forget to maintain a healthy lifestyle. They smoke and drink as well use of drugs is very dangerous because of impotency and erectile dysfunction.

Herbal pills have been introduced into the market because of its all natural benefits and successful experience. Herbal pills are the most natural way to get back your sexual life. Herbal pills also have some added benefits that prescribed pills don’t have. Herbal pills are very natural pills and do not affect any person adversely. They don’t have any chemical which is good considering synthetic pills have chemicals. Now as they don’t have chemicals there are no side-effects involved. Some side-effects that have been observed are nausea, headache and mood swings as well hot flush.

Herbal pills are also the safest pills and are very easy to use. If you enjoy alcohol a little too much then it’s not a problem if you take herbal pills. Herbal pills are safe to take when you consume alcohol that is not the case with synthetic pills. Doctor usually advises not to consume alcohol while taking any synthetic pills. You can enjoy an alcohol party and not get disappointed afterwards in sex department.

As herbal pills also works comparatively early than the synthetic pills it is more used. It usually starts working in about 10minutes of taking it. You will feel getting aroused and your penis will get hard and you will get a big erection like never before. Herbal pills also have an added benefit of longer stamina and longer ejaculation. These are very potent as they give sensitive and long lasting hard on. The men will retain its endurance and libido is increased. This may bring happiness and a healthy sex life back into the person’s life.

When there is poor blood circulation in the penis it loses its ability to get hard and when we take herbal pills which are very convenient and very much natural it restore the balance of blood circulation in the body. The nitric oxide when decreases in the body it will cause poor blood circulation. Herbal pills maintain the blood circulation and give back the normal sex life. They are so easy to use and convenient with no side-effects that you will be surprised to see the results.

Viagra and erectile dysfunction

A person faces different types of problems in his whole life. Health problems are some of those problems which become severe if they are not treated. The basic reason of this increment is the non serious attitude of people for their health. In this busy life, people do not have enough time to go for a medical checkup once in a week or a month. According to the professional doctors, if minor health problems are not treated properly, then they can cause major problem for the health of that person. In this article, I shall discuss about a common health problem known as erectile dysfunction. ED (erectile dysfunction) is a common sexual problems faced by only men.

Viagra and erectile dysfunction

To discuss about erectile dysfunction in detail, it is necessary to know about the erectile dysfunction. Basically, ED is that sexual problem which does not allow the affected person to get erection of penis before the sexual intercourse. This state of sexual dysfunction is also known as impotence. A person called as impotent when he is facing difficulty in getting the erection. What actually happens inside the body of affected person? This is a common question that is asked by many people. In this sexual problem, flow of blood from the arteries of penis does not increase enough to give a hard penis necessary foe sexual intercourse. Due to low flow of blood, the affected person can only get a flaccid penis that is of no use in intercourse.

How blood flow decreases through blood vessels? There are different causes of this reduction in blood flow. The first and main cause of ED is great use of high cholesterol foods in daily routine. It is advised to such affected people to use low cholesterol foods. Some other reasons this sexual problem are Diabetes, high blood pressure, depression and heart disease.

Is there any idea to cure of this sexual problem? Yes, there is but you cannot cure this problem thoroughly. Viagra is considered the best medicines ever made to cure ED before intercourse. Viagra has the quality to increase the blood flow through arteries to a great extent. It can give you an erection up to 4-5 hours that is enough to have sexual intercourse. The demand of Viagra has increased to a great extent as numbers of people facing this sexual problem are increasing.

Kamagra (Sildenafil Citrate)

Kamagra (Sildenafil Citrate)

Kamagra is an effective pill that gives you utmost pleasure during sexual activities. With just one pill of Kamagra, you can see the difference in your sexual life. Doctors prescribe Kamagra as they are more effective than other impotency drugs.

Kamagra acts on the muscles in the penis, helping to augment the flow of blood. Once the flow of blood increases, the penis gets the best erection. Moreover, the erection will also last for more duration.

The recommended Kamagra dosage has to be taken an hour before engaging in sex. Once the drug starts acting, you can have immense pleasure for about 50 hours. Well, never go for larger doses as it can only risk you health conditions.

Kamagra pills should only be used as per the doctor's advice. Well, before the pill is prescribed, the doctor should have a complete knowledge of your health history, which makes him to make the right decision regarding prescriptions.

Kamagra should be discarded if you are using any Nitrate filled medicines as taking the two can lead to a sudden fall in the blood pressure, which is dangerous. Alcohol should also be avoided when you are using Kamagra as it only increases the risk of side effects.

Unlike other erectile deficiency drugs, there is nothing to worry of the side effects as they are not so severe and they do not persist long. Some common sid effects that comes with Kamagra are stomach upset, flushing, headache and blurred vision. However, it is better to contact the doctor if you feel any uneasiness while engaging in sex after taking Kamagra.

The evil disease impotence has hunted millions of men all over the world. Noise pollution, nutritional deficiencies and increasing mental stress have made this hunt easier. Impotence has crippled the sex life of million of loving couples depriving them of sexual pleasures. Pfizer pharmaceuticals, a shining star in the sky of drug industry, has helped men all over the world living with troublesome condition of erectile dysfunction to overcome partial or complete loss of potency by its long waited product Viagra. Viagra eradicates impotence in men of all age groups regardless of the severity of the disease. Viagra truly escalates your declining sex life and brings you to the heaven of sexual pleasures.

Viagra potentiates erection by increasing the flow of blood to the erectile tissue of the penis when the person is sexually stimulated. Sexual stimulation ignites erection by making the brain to send signals to the walls of the vessels of the penis. The walls of the penile vessels house endothelial cells. When endothelial cells receive signals from the brain, they start manufacturing Nitric Oxide with the assistance of an enzyme called Nitric Oxide synthase. This Nitric Oxide is produced by L-arginine which is an amino acid present in the endothelial cells. The Nitric Oxide performs the role of activating guanylyl cyclase, an enzyme having the duty of converting GTP into cGMP. cGMP makes the vessels dilate. Dilation causes the blood inside the vessels to escape through the small openings created in the walls of the vessels to fill the spaces in the spongy tissue called carpus cavarnosa of the penis. The filling of the spongy tissue results in erection. Viagra upgrades the level of cGMP through its inhibitory effect on phosphodiesterase, an enzyme which converts cGMP into GMP. However Viagra and sexual stimulation both are necessary for the erection to take place.

Take the drug with a glassful of water half an hour before sexual interaction and experience its erection accelerating effect for four hours. Do not take nitrate contaning drugs as in case of some cardiac treatments because doing so could cause life threatening hypotension resulting in circulatory shock and unltimately death. The available dose forms of the drug are 25 mg, 50 mg and 100 mg tablets. The drug is supposed to be ingested orally and alcohol consumption is to be avoided. Drug dosage could be increased by physician's consultation if the previous sdosage does not brings about sustainable erection. Possible side effects of the drug are nasal congestion, runny nose, dizziness, priapism, diarrhea, bluish vision, hearing loss and flushing. Such effects are not meant to last for more and a few hours, if they do, immediately cut the drug administration and seek medical guidance to prevent further, or permanent, loss of health.

Viagra, in its original quality, straight from its parent manufacturers is available from our online pharmacy to those of our clients who wish to obtain it affordably and conveniently in its best form. We are providing a secure means for the availability of the world's top most ED treatment and a trusted sexual enhancement of the men.

Herbal Drugs

Herbal Drugs

The worls is turning towards herbal drugs. With more efficiency and less side effects, Herbals are going to stay here for days to come.

According to the WHO estimates, about three quarters of the world‘s population is now relying on herbs and herbal products.

Herbals are now used for treating many health conditions like eczema, migraine premenstrual syndrome, asthma, chronic fatigue, rheumatoid arthritis, menopausal symptoms and irritable bowel syndrome among others.

If you decide to go for Herbal medication, make it a point to consult a professional doctor. The herbals may have toxic substances and also may cause allergies. Well, only a doctor will be able to choose the right kind of Herbal medication for you. He is the only person who will be able to know what herbal medication fits your body. Never try to go for self-treatment using herbals as it can worsen the conditions.

Herbal products are available in the market in various forms like oils, syrups, teas, pills, liquid extracts, capsules and tinctures. You should also be watchful against the pharmaceutical companies, which claim to produce the best herbal drugs. Well, there are no standard ways to see if an herbal product is effective or not.

There are many hurdles in evaluating Herbals as there are no sufficient quality control and standardization. Herbals have gone a long way in the treatment of many health conditions but it still lacks proper research and studies. If Herbals are used in the proper way, they are more effective than the other conventional medicines.

What is herbal medicine good for? | Herbal remedies and impotence | Ways to aid erectile dysfunction

Five Herbs that Actually Work in Treating Erectile Dysfunction

There were many natural remedies that were used by the South American, Chinese, African and many more cultures for treating erectile dysfunction in men. In case, the individual plans on taking up a natural way of treatment, it is necessary to have a full knowledge of the side-effects and the potential interactions with other medications that may result due to simultaneous usage of two medicines.

Erectile Dysfunction, which is also commonly known as impotence results from a variety of physiological and psychological factors like hormonal imbalance, diabetes, alcoholic consumption, depression, stress, heart disease, high blood pressure and many more.

Many herbs have been found to have a positive effect on circulation, immunity and restoring hormonal balance. It can also have a very calming effect. In spite of these, the individual must check with his doctor before starting any herbal treatment.

The five herbs are:

Horny Goat Weed: Legend states that, a Chinese goat herder noticed changes in the sexual activity among his goats after they consumed this particular weed. This herb is usually sold as raw herb, tablet, as a health supplement and also in a mixture with other supplements. Horny Goat Weed helps in improving circulation, reducing fatigue, increasing the production of sperms and enhancing the sexual desire in the individual.

Ginkgo Biloba: This particular herb is famous for preventing any cognitive decline and improving memory as well. Chinese medicine recognised this drug as a treatment for erectile dysfunction and other related sexual disorders. The blood flow to the penis and other organs and tissues are enhanced by Ginkgo without even affecting the blood pressure. A doctor’s advice must be considered before taking this herb because there are evidences found on increased bleeding.

Panax Ginseng: This herb is also known as Korean or Asian ginseng. It helps in increasing energy as well as simulating the sexual function. Few studies in Asia found out that it may improve the sperm count, motility and the sexual function if taken for a period of two or three months.

Yohimbe (Pausinystalia yohimbe): This herb is known to be very popular for treating erectile dysfunction with proven results. Yohimbe may result in a stronger libido and desire, better arousal and sexual performance with stamina and endurance. They are available in any medicinal counter, but must be only had under the supervision of a doctor or a professional. It should be kept in mind that this herb may even bring side-effects along with it. Hence, a doctor’s supervision is really a necessity before making any hasty decisions.

Muira Puama: The stems and roots of this Brazilian tree have been used for medicinal purposes since quite a period of time. It is also referred to as an aphrodisiac for stimulating nerves. Many consider this herb as the best for treating erectile dysfunction.


There are many herbs available in the market. Buy herbal Viagra from online drug stores and use it to enjoy the sexual pleasure of life. Some may help in treating impotence while others are good for increasing the sexual health of the individual. Hence, it is always judicious to refer to a health care professional before starting any treatment.

Erectile dysfunction is not age restricted as it can happen to both young and old men as well. Therefore, if you find any odd reactions concerning your erections then please take it seriously and don’t delay treatments. Best treatments for erectile dysfunction are a natural remedy that will cure erectile dysfunction spot on. The early treatments are the best for anyone suffering from erectile dysfunction.

In our modern world, it appears that there us an ongoing conflict between the importance of convincing people concerning the dangers of obesity and the significance of informing everyone that they are attractive and worthwhile regardless of anything. While it's true to say that a person's worth is not supported by their physical appearance and body size and type is not an indication of humanity. The plain truth is that being overweight is not healthy at all.

When it comes to sourcing for erectile dysfunction drugs, Viagra happens to be topping the list in this category, when patients that are suffering from the condition of erectile dysfunction get to use this drug, it works by aiding the flow of blood into the penile region and thereby making possible the penis to get an erection. It is very important to note that when Viagra is used, it does not guarantee an erection to occur, most people are adamant about this and feel if they have the problem of getting an erection, the next step is to go get Viagra, although it is a known fact that viagra helps one in getting an erection, but it does not on it own gets an erection, less it is stimulation either by physical or virtual method. There are a lot of other prescriptions that can be used to treat the condition of erectile dysfunction if Viagra is not readily available or not suitable for one.

With regards to erectile brokenness or some other sexually tormenting malady, just a single things goes to everybody's psyches, and that is Viagra. To be completely forthright, Viagra has taken the whole all inclusive medication showcase by storm. Never has been whatever other pharmaceutical which has been the professionally prescribed medication for an ailment for so long which Viagra has been for erectile brokenness.

Although the situation of erectile dysfunction is basically a result of mental and emotional factors, yet, it also takes into account some medical dimensions as well. Medical problems also hold a crucial significance in the initiation of a man’s impotency.

Erectile dysfunction may be defined as the condition in which a man is unable to keep up the erection of his manhood, even though he is sexually excited. This is a very dangerous medical situation and presently in the US, 1 out of every 5 men is suffering from this critical disease. Erectile dysfunction, or ED, which it is commonly known, imparts numerous psychological problems which affects the mentality and self-esteem of the victim.

When it comes to ED or Erectile dysfunction this is the condition where the man fails to hold his erection during the sexual intercourse. The situation is known as impotence. It’s not like with growing age every man is facing this problem or sure to develop this health problem. Nevertheless, in certain situations this health condition turns out overburdening in life, when the partner is repeatedly dissatisfied.

Many times erectile dysfunction results from having a bad nutrition and diet apart from the various psychological causes. It is clear that if certain types of food are good for the health, certain might also be bad. Hence, various foods and herbs are mentioned below that help in boosting the sexual functioning of an individual in a better way. A diet that constitutes of any of these may be very helpful in treating erectile dysfunction.

Thousands of males these days surf the internet and look for a new ED pill for the treatment of their impotence. And only few of them will seek a natural ED remedy. Although both the groups of men could eventually cure their ED problem, the latter groups will also be able to enhance their blood circulation levels, reduce their weight and increase their life span.

Men experiencing erectile dysfunction nearly all the time opt for all kinds of medicines first, in the hope of getting the treatment for their problem and enhance their sexual life.

Along with the advancement in material sciences as well as medical sciences, the awareness about health is also progressing. People today are aware of the need to be well informed and to live a healthy life. Concepts like screening, regular medical checkups; preventive vaccination, genetic screening etc are not new to common man. Healthy lifestyle concept seems to be catching up with all urban populace.

Home Remedies for Urine Retention

Home Remedies for Urine Retention

Urine retention is a painful condition. It is inability of a person to urinate despite feeling a strong urge to urinate. Men are more susceptible to urinary retention problem as compared to females.

The Natural Treatment for ED – Herbal Viagra

The Natural Treatment for ED – Herbal Viagra

Herbal Viagra has become really famous to treat ED, general wellbeing and sexual enhancement, all with no side effects. Sildenafil or Viagra is efficient in the dilation of the blood vessels, leading to an erect penis, but dissimilar to its herbal supplement, Viagra is not formulated to enhance libido or increase sexual activity.

Effects Of Viagra On The Mindset Of A Person

Effects Of Viagra On The Mindset Of A Person

A number of men are falling prey to the longing problem of erectile dysfunction now a days. The causes are many. Some of these reasons include the genes of a person, while the other straightway directs the unhealthy lifestyle of a man that includes the consumption of drugs, cigarette, alcohol and what not. Moreover, the robotic lifestyle too sometimes makes the situation even worse. In all these situations, what comes to a solid escape is the treatment of Viagra.

Natural Treatment Options For Breast Infection

Natural Treatment Options For Breast Infection

Mastitis is the breast tissue infection which most usually affects the breastfeeding women. Often it takes place during the 1st three months after the child delivery; however, it can occur anytime during the period of breastfeeding. Usually, only one breast is affected by lactation mastitis not both.

Home Remedies for Shoulder Pain

Home Remedies for Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is a common complaint these days. It might occur in muscle, tendons and ligaments. It can occur to any one at any age but, people who use smartphones or laptops for a longer duration of time. The other causes are injury to muscles, ligaments or tendons of shoulder, bursitis, arthritis, bone spurs, tendinitis, torn cartilage, frozen shoulder, spinal cord injury and broken shoulder bone.

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)

The reproductive system of women is prone to many sorts of diseases and infections. One such condition is Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID). PID is a serious health issue. If not treated on time, it may lead to difficulty in getting pregnant, issues in pregnancy and long- term pain in pelvic region. IT may occur at any age.

Other Alternatives to Viagra

Other Alternatives to Viagra

By this time we sometimes forget that the name Viagra is not a catch-all word. It is a brand name for the generic name called Sildenafil. The main purpose of Sildenafil is to help treat the symptoms of erectile dysfunction by relaxing the muscles and allowing more blood to flow to the penis. That is what Viagra does.

Essential Keys To Effective Health And Fitness

Essential Keys To Effective Health And Fitness

When you are talking about the essentials of health and fitness, there are top 5 facets that you need to mull over before you start to live an influential healthy and fit way of life. Most persons have access to one or two essentials of fitness, well; you need to find the rest for you to entirely fill the fitness gap in your life.

Sexual Health Is As Important As Physique Of Body

Sexual Health Is As Important As Physique Of Body

We all know that “early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”. Problem occurs when we do not follow the golden rules to keep ourselves healthy even knowing all things. Out body consists of multiple systems and each system plays its part to keep the whole body active and healthy. If any of these systems starts working abnormally, then it becomes necessary to treat the problem. But how better it would be if the problem is identified at very initial stage?

Art Of Living Education

Art Of Living Education

Education in the current times is all about technology, science and other subjects. The students who pass out of the university may be good in academics no doubt, but does the education make them good human beings and do they know what life is all about? Our life is getting to be highly mechanized and sophisticated. Small babies are growing up watching and listening to nursery rhymes on tablets and laptops.

Fitness Criteria

Fitness Criteria

Eating breakfast on time is very much necessary to ensure health. And it’s among the principles of health that one should take healthy breakfast among all the meals. Life has greater influence depending upon how you treat other people, how you speak with others and how you eat. Whatever you eat becomes part of your diet and it is an important issue that it should not contain components that are causing health problems and serious health issues. The health of the brain is also considered important as a wise man is considered healthy person. The person is not poor or rich with money, but actually he is poor or rich by heart. So health should be maintained in a good way.

Herbal Treatment a Key to Erectile Dysfunction

Herbal Treatment a Key to Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction has been a great embarrassment to the men. Even a small penis or the fact that during sexual intercourse he cannot get hard has become a real embarrassment issue. This has become a bigger thing now that everyone wants to have a huge penis, as it has become a point of pride nowadays in men. So if you want to have a bigger penis, a cure for erectile dysfunction or problems while getting hard, you don’t have to look further herbal pill is what you need.

Beautiful Hearts And Beautiful Souls

Beautiful Hearts And Beautiful Souls

Every mother wants her daughter to grow up to be a beautiful girl. We feel proud when our daughters are appreciated and liked by the others and known to be the most beautiful girls. Quite early in childhood the girl child begins to want to look and dress beautiful. One of the most beautiful things that you get to see is the small girl wearing mom’s lipstick and makeup and playing with her little doll. The girl naturally learns to observe and follow her mother and wishes to be as beautiful as her mother is.

Beautiful Hearts And Beautiful Souls

Simple Practices That Will Lead To An Increased Metabolism And Burning Of Fats

Burning down of fat is essentially determined by one's metabolism. Having a slow metabolism will obviously mean that more fat is stored in the body and losing weight becomes quite an uphill task. Apart from the weight issue, a lot of fat being stored in the body poses quite a number of health complications. On the other hand having a fast rate of metabolism increases the rate at which fat is being burned in the body.

We Are What We Think We Are

We Are What We Think We Are

We spend a lot of time in grooming ourselves and making our appearance look beautiful. There are many people who look beautiful effortlessly. The glow of their skin, their physical features especially their face and hair add to the beauty of the form. Beautiful women are always desired, noticed and admired by men and women all the time. Each and every one of us wants to look beautiful and this is the basic desire of every human being.

Health risks for college students

Health risks for college students

You may have heard that the students of today’s age have to work hard to get a good response from the parents, relatives and especially from the teachers. Besides this, the competition between the students has increased very much and thus every student has to work to give outstanding performance in exams and other tests. Well, it is a good thing if a student work hard to achieve his goals but his health suffers a lot in getting it. This article will put the lights on those medical problems which are usually faced by many students.

You Have To Know What Diseases This Animal Carries And How It Affects Your Health

You Have To Know What Diseases This Animal Carries And How It Affects Your Health

Coyotes are creatures of the wild that usually arise from the dog family. They are mainly found in wild areas and forests but sometimes can be spotted in urban areas looking for food such as small animals like rabbits. It is important to note that coyotes rarely attack humans. In fact, they totally do not attack humans. A coyote will usually run away when approached by humans as an act of protecting itself. It is considered reflex action. This is because many humans intend to hurt them with the assumption that the coyote might attack or bite them. This is not true.

How you can treat male Impotence?

Different people have different hobbies which they adopt to pass their spare time. Many people like gardening so they like to grow different kinds of plants in their orchard. In the similar fashion, book reading is also a hobby of many people. Usually people read books before going to bed. Such people also exist who like to study different health problems and their remedies. When they become the victim of any health problem, they try to treat their health problem with the same way that they had read from the book. Some people get success in treating their medical problem while many people go unwell. People who treat their medical problems without any help of doctor should avoid doing this. Doctors are available for this purpose who can give you the best medicine after knowing about your medical problem and its causes. To spend a healthy life, you must change your attitude towards your health. You must give importance to health and visit doctor’s clinic at least once in a month. A regular medical checkup will ensure that you are having a good health. Moreover, you should take healthy food like fish, vegetables etc. A nutritionist can help you in selecting the healthy food. It was about the ways you can adopt to stay fit and healthy.

Here I am going to discuss about a sexual problem. It has been noticed that sexual problems are increasing with the passage of time. Some sexual problems are easy to treat while some need a long medical treatment. Besides this, a sexual problem about which I am going to tell you is incurable. Doctors call this sexual problem as erectile dysfunction because it is related to erection in men. We all are aware of importance of a hard and erected penis for sexual activity. An erected penis can easily enter into the vagina of female and it is easy to move it in and out to get sexual pleasure. A flaccid penis cannot work in the same way. It means that a person who is suffering from erectile dysfunction cannot enjoy the sexual activity in a normal way. But there is a way through which the affected person can get erection for small time. In that time period, he will need to complete the sexual intercourse with the partner otherwise the penis will lose its erection automatically.

How an affected person can get erection for small time? Such a person needs to consult with a doctor who is professional in treating sexual problems. The doctor will examine his body completely and will prescribe him some medicines which will be beneficial for him to give erection. Levitra and Viagra are commonly used medicines but you must not use it without asking to a professional doctor. These medicines can cause serious problems if they are taken with certain other medicines. Due to this, you should also tell your doctor which medicines you are already using in order to prevent any further health problem.

Vitamins For Erectile Dysfunction

Due to the increasing demands for vitamins that treat erectile dysfunction, many people who want to take advantage of the situation have come up with fake vitamins which are being sold to men suffering from impotence. The vitamins that are believed to have positive effect on erectile dysfunction are DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) and arginine.

DHEA - this is a vitamin that is known to be effective in combating impotence because it has been discovered that men who have problems with erection usually have low blood levels of this hormone that is why it is recommended to use it but with the doctors instructions because the safety of the vitamins has not yet been established.

Another common vitamin in the market that is known to combat erectile dysfunction is the arginine. It is the amino acids that affect the production of nitric oxide that is always the cause for erectile dysfunction problems in men. Another importance of this vitamin is its ability to widen blood vessels to allows blood to flow easily, thus causing a sustained erection. Arginine has been tested and according to researchers, some studies show the possibility for them to treat impotence although not all researchers agree to the fact.

The last vitamin that is not very common is the pynogenol, a substance found in a certain tree and it is believed to improve sexual intercourse with your partner if given 120 mg daily. Erectile dysfunction can be treated, there are many medicines, herbs and many other ways that can help reduce or overcome impotence.

Natural Alternatives for Viagra

Sexual activity is a vital part of a man’s life. Actually, sex is an essential part of most relationships, if not all. Men take pride in being sexually active, however, most men encounter problems while trying to get an erection. They get excited for sexual activity but yet no erection. This is a medical condition called erectile dysfunction (impotence). This ailment prevents them from enjoying sexual activity with their partners. It quietly brings about lack of confidence and destroys most relationships.

Viagra is a drug that has been acclaimed to cure erectile dysfunction and bring about lasting erections. However, this drug has potential harmful effects to the body. Also, Viagra offers a short term solution to the problem of erectile dysfunction, most times, just a thirty (30) minute period. Most users complain of harmful after effects gotten due to using this drug. It becomes important to make use of a natural product which can cure erectile dysfunction without any side effects. Listed below are some natural alternatives to Viagra:

1. Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali

Tongkat ali is a natural extract commonly found in the rain forests of Malaysia. It is a popular traditional medicine. It is commonly used as an aphrodisiac and a cure for sexual issues that occur usually in older men. It also improves the libido drive, promotes the semen quality and enhances the growth of muscles. This natural extract works perfectly after two (2) to three (3) weeks of use, with no side effects.

2. L-Arginine


This is a natural ingredient capable of increasing the levels of nitric oxide and blood circulation in the body. L-Arginine is an amino acid which actively increases the production of nitric oxide in the body. Nitric oxide controls blood flow around the body, and it helps the penis to get more flow of blood. This flow of blood enables the penis to be erect and achieve a hard erection.

3. Maca


This is a natural extract commonly found in South America. It serves as a food and medicine at the same time. It is a natural extract that can increase libido and improve fertility. This extract can be taken safely as it has no known side effects.

4. Saffron


This natural extract is highly sought after as a kitchen ingredient and a medicine also. Studies have shown that this extract has the potential to cure erectile dysfunction. It improves sexual drive of men and women also. Its effects can be realized within ten (10) days of taking it.

5. Tribulis


This is a natural extract that increases testosterone and stamina. It has the ability to enhance the libido of men. It also works on women too, increasing their libido and sex drive. By increasing the level of testosterone found in the body, the flow of blood in the body is increased also, this brings about a steady flow of blood to the penis region. A proper flow of blood to the penis region helps the penis to get erect easily when aroused.